Where Were All the FISA Critics When We Really Need...

It was to be the “Memo heard round the world”; one that would rival the impact of the “Pentagon Papers” disclosures that ultimately brought down a president in the Watergate scandal. The “explosive” memo was “set to rock D.C.” as headlines screamed, building the anticipation for its release. Instead, like most “[insert buzz word]-gates” peddled by Beltway bureaucrats and Mainstream Media gossip queens who fancy themselves dramatic and knowledgeable actors on an int...

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    2017 Might Have Been Worst Year in U.S. History for...

    A cornerstone of a truly free society is the presence of a vigilant news media, one that is willing to hold powerful government officials accountable when they abuse their offices for their own personal gain or the advancement of corrupt special interests. A sign a society is on the path to tyranny is when the overwhelming majority of a nation’s journalists are committed to doing whatever they can to destroy one political group while they work feverishly to cover up the scandals of another. Which of these two scenarios sounds more like America today? To say that there is a conspiracy to destroy the Trump administration would be a gross understatement. The media’s collusion with left-wing politicians and groups hell-bent on avenging Hillary Clinton’s election defeat is at an all-time high. Never before in the United States have journalists been so eager to adopt conspiracy theories and hurl unsubstantiated negative media at a sitting president—or anyone, for that matter. When the growth in internet media and cable news is taken into account, it’s very possible President Trump has received more negative attention over the past year than any person has ever had to endure in the history of mankind. And no, this isn’t partis...