America’s first black billionaire: No current Democ...

BET founder Robert Johnson is not convinced any of the Democratic candidates seeking to face President Trump in 2020 has a shot at winning the White House. Johnson, America’s first black billionaire and a lifelong Democrat, told CNBC that the Trump economy is strong and he has an ability “to dominate the news cycle” that makes it hard for his Democratic challengers to focus on substance. “If you take a snapshot today, I don’t think that group is capable of beating Donald Trump despite what ...

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    How the toxic impeachment process is hurting long-t...

    Cable news shows spent countless hours in November wondering how the public testimony of national security officials will affect the impeachment proceedings against President Trump. But few are asking how these proceedings will affect national security in the long term. One potential answer should worry everyone, regardless of your position on Trump: Efforts to turn these officials into political weapons in Congress will put our national security in grave danger. The president trusts the National Security Council and the broader intelligence community to provide him with the best possible information and analysis for decision making that is essential to national security. But now, after the whistleblower complaint from within the intelligence community and the NSC being paraded on capitol hill as a character witness for the purpose of impeachment, that trust has been shattered. This goes far beyond Trump. Future presidents are watching this spectacle unfold today and will rightfully suspect that their own intelligence and national security officials will be watching them too. They will have to worry whether these officials are taking notes during sensitive phone calls so they can later pursue their own partisan challenges to the president’s decisions. What are ...