Amazon calls the socialists' bluff

Following months of complaints from the progressive politicos who control local politics in New York City, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos abruptly canceled plans to open the online retailer's new corporate headquarters branch in Queens. Amazon had spent more than a year hunting for the location of its new headquarters, baiting cities across the country into falling over themselves and making ridiculous promises in a bid to get Amazon's 50,000 jobs. The tech giant ultimately settled on splitting its new HQ between New York and Crysta...

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    Trump goes big, uses delayed State of the Union to ...

    When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., disinvited President Trump from delivering the State of the Union on its originally scheduled date, Jan. 29, the White House and Republicans in Congress brainstormed about what to do. Should Trump travel somewhere, such as the U.S.-Mexico border, and give his speech there? Should he show up at the Capitol on the 29th and demand to speak? Should he deliver the address in writing, as it was for many years of the nation's history? Fortunately for Trump, none of those ideas passed muster. Then, when the partial government shutdown was temporarily resolved, the speaker relented and invited the president to appear Feb. 5. Trump agreed, which to some Republicans seemed like a surrender but was in fact a wise decision. Trump realized that there simply was no equally good alternative to delivering the State of the Union from the House chamber, with most of the United States government gathered inside and millions watching not only on the cable news channels but the broadcast entertainment networks, too. That was especially true with the issue that sparked the shutdown — Trump's proposal for a barrier along some parts of the southern border — still unresolved. A House-Senate conference committee has a little more than a we...