posted : Jun 29, 2016

I was a closed shell never to open, you just don’t know what this man has done for me .

 By: Nicole Grigsby for Georgia Weekly Post.



He seduced my mind, he captivated me, yes with his sense of style - no it was not what he wore - that’s superficial.


He grazed my mind with his soft spoken words, gentle and healing he uncovered my heart, made me drunk, dizzy confident and feline.



He captured my soul, he said I’m my own inspiration and that he just started the fire - the fire I feel for him just burns deeper vast and endless. Its true, he inspired my spirit I’m not going to lie.


It’s so hard not to think of him at night. Oh my, the talks that we had filled me with joy. Step by step I felt like a woman that was becoming reborn, he saw who I was and what I could do .




Oh I have to step back, god this cannot be and I know I could not do it , so he did it for me without a word he made me see he doesn’t hate me, he wants me to be free to be the woman I want to be. This is what he gave to me.

I started to walk through the flames. It wasn’t so bad. I can do this myself. I started to feel the shift in my life - no one has really listened to me. This is what this man has done for me.




I didn’t see this coming. I just called to say hello. I usually was the one always in control. We started to chat, talk about old times. I never in a million years would talk about my life.


I was a closed shell never to open, you just don’t know what this man has done for me.

He gave me a purpose to reach deep down, he made me feel like a woman tasseled and untamed and ready to fly.

Every night it seemed he spoke to me in tongue. I just wanted to die. I was in heaven and each night I would cry "this is too beautiful, don’t you see what this man gave to me?" Whenever I call him, he knows what to say, he makes me think twice even if it’s just about my day, in a year who knows where I will be - oh he lives so far from me.




We have never made love. As you can see and I have never been in love with a man. He could be my destiny. For me to put this in words I just can’t believe and to say it out loud is a healing force indeed.


I’m such a beautiful spirit now flying free you just don’t know what this man has done for me 




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