• Mueller indictments still miss the mark on Trump-Russia collusion.. The special counsel has found no knowing coordination or collusion between these hackers and Trump officials.
  • Where Were All the FISA Critics When We Really Needed Them?
  • Journalism is Dead. This week we saw a perfect example of how corrupt journalism has become. !
  • Immigration. the conservative view. If these DREAMers want to be angry at someone it should be their parents, not the government. Their parents screwed them over, and it’s not our responsibility to mak...
  • The Media's Role in the Ongoing Scandals
  • 2017 Might Have Been Worst Year in U.S. History for Media Bias
  • President Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Already Paying Dividends
  • a Blast from the Past. Barbara Jordan's wisdom is needed in today's immigration debate
  • Reagan balanced trade — Trump can, too
  • BY An Author: Scalia ‘fascinated’ by then-candidate Trump’s outspokenness
  • Clinton campaign deserves a full investigation just like Trumpworld
  • Homage to Fidel Castro in Washington D.C. Features Prominent Media Critics of President Trump

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