posted : May 23, 2016

Republican Establishment retain two seats in the primary.. Fewer face Democrats in November.

With a very low voters turn-out, the outsiders suffer humiliating defeat three to one by the insiders. Bernard, Maner and Owens are out of the race. Maner tells supporters of his plans for January 2017. A run-off among Cole and Hansen on July 26.

 By: The News Reporters of Georgia Weekly Post.

Both Republicans State Senator Fran Millar and State Representative Tom Taylor were able to convince enough Republican voters to keep them for two more years. Millar won close to 80% of the votes. Taylor won 70% of the cast votes in the Republican primary. Millar still has to face Tamara Johnson- Shealey a Democrat, in November. Taylor is unopposed.


Tamara Johnson-Shealey ran unopposed as a Democrat during the primary. The Democratic candidate for state senate seat - District 40, will attempt to unseat Fran Millar for the second time in November.


▲Tom Owens. an outsider, challenging the insider Tom Taylor, suffered a humiliating defeat by his opponent. With low turnout of close to 3000 votes, Owens, a political activist, lost to Tom Taylor 30% vs. 70% of the votes.


Paul Maner, a Dunwoody businessman and a newcomer to the political scene. Started his campaign 18 month ahead of his opponent Fran Millar. waited election night with his supporters at Kaleidoscope for election results. Maner suffered a humiliating defeat by the old-timer Fran Millar. He gained 20% of the votes. 2000 vs 7000 by Millar. Maner told freinds he will try again in January, 2017.


Attorney Catherine Bernard failed for the third time in her attempt to gain a seat at the table as a State House Representative. She lost to Alan Cole and her fellow attorney Meagan Hanson. In a turn out of 2337 primary voters, Bernard was able to get under 30% of the votes. A special run-off election is expected among Alan Cole, 36% of the first round and Meagan Hanson with 34% of the primary votes. The winner will face Democrat Taylor Bennett in November. Bennett won unopposed with 1228 votes. A run off among Cole and Hansen is on July 26, 2016.





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