posted : Jul 03, 2015


Drivers on Mt. Vernon should expect construcion at least thorugh Christmas, 2015.


    By: The Staff Photographers of Georgia Weekly Post


▲The City of Dunwoody Dresses up for the Fourth of July Parade. For many years. Dunwoody Home Owners Association was the sponsor of the annual event. Pat Tallmadge, the parade organizer, has announced her plans to run for a city councilwoman, perhaps making it her final act. 

▲ Dunwoody is having a parade. The traditional fourth of July for many years. Mt.Vernon is where all line up and watch and many march. Construction almost prevented the return of an old tradition. For the past week crew have stopped digging the heart of the city and started patching up and cleaning to have it all ready. This reporter observed hand scrubbing and cleaning of the road and the side walks.!

▲ Traffice control with a smile at Mt. Vernon. Ms. Wendi McIntire of G.S. Construction, Lawerenceville, GA. going at it and facing slowing traffic of shared one lane. Drivers on Mt. Vernon should expect construcion at least thorugh Christmas, 2015.

Stop. Construction is on hold. Cleaning crew are at work. Scrubbing and patching up the road to accommodate Dunwoody's celebration of the Fourth of July, 2015. Drivers did not enjoy the delays. Mt. Vernon has become a passway during rush hours. Any attempt by local officials to expand it was met by strong oppositions from local residents.

Hillary Quinn and GiGi Burg, workers of G.S. Construction of Lawrenceville, GA., control traffic on Mt. Vernon days before the Parade. Constructions were put on hold and sites cleared in preparation for the annual Fourth of July Parade, 2015.They are back on the job and expected to be around managing trafiic until the end of the year.


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