posted : Jan 11, 2017

High-End Escort - models' service - tucked around Dunwoody's City Hall, police raids results to seven arrests according to Police reports.

Dunwoody, known as Funwoody ends 2016 with more arrests of prostitution and High-end escort services, in the middle of the swanky Perimeter mall, very close to police headquarters.

 By The News Staff of Georgia Weekly Post 


  High-End call service, discribed as Models rated tens be local bar owners,  tucked around Dunwoody's City Hall was put out of business before the year's end.

Police raids resulted to seven arrests according to DeKalb County's jail reports. 

The  young City of Dunwoody, population 47,000, known as Funwoody ended 2016 with more arrests of prostitution and High-end escort services. Located  in the middle of the swanky Perimeter mall,  high end bars and clubs,  Hi-rise apartments and condos, very close to  Dunwoody Police headquarters and Dunwoody City Hall.

Four women, including a korean model,  and three local men  were arrested after Dunwoody police busted a high-end escort service operating out of an apartment across the street from the police headquarters according to witnesses and police sources..


After months of surveillance, police raided the business off Perimeter Center East days before the end of 2016,

Mayor Denis Shortal. Struggling to consolidate his authority as he struggles with is local Home owners Association, Shortal is the third mayor of the young city. His police department was able to spoil many parties by putting out of business another high-end escort service.

  according to  local witnesses and police sources. " It is not the first time in Dunwoody and will not be the last' said a business owner in the area of the arrest to Georgia Weekly Post


Sam Crenshaw and George Moore face charges related to running a prostitution business and trafficking for the purpose of sexual servitude, according to sources at  DeKalb County jail .


Laura Davis, Esther Park, Brittany Johnson and Miranda Ogle all face prostitution charges related to the alleged  high-end escort service. all have retained lawyers.


Attorney Zach Meeks, who represents Moore, told a local TV station, his client will be exonerated when he has his day in court. An attorney for Ogle and Park stated the same for his clients.


Scott Phillips faces pandering, racketeering and drug possession charges. He was released on bond with the condition to enroll in a substance abuse recovery center, according to sources at DeKalb County jail . 


Phillips’ father told a  local news reporter his son made some bad choices but had never been in trouble before and was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. 




Neighbors and residents of the Savannah at Park Place apartments told  Georgia Weekly Post they were shocked and surprised. they confirmed police and press reports.




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