posted : Aug 14, 2015


Her passionate songs were echoing in my head all the way home. Bravo Deborah Bowman.

 By: Kimberly Marie Halter For Georgia Weekly Post


Kimberly Marie Halter, Editor  Fashion and Society News.

Deborah Bowman is doing it to Buckhead, again.

It was an intimate setting, candle lights, on a cool night, after the rain with passionate songs of love.  

I felt the young Bowman, in her thirties, was singing for me and about me. She was hurting. I was hurting.

Crowded room, extending to the outdoor terrace of the elegant St. Regis Hotel at Buckhead. 

Deborah Bowman cried her heart out, singing the blues to her many invited friends. They loved it. I loved it. 

Many of her fans followed her wherever she went. Her asian friends want her to sing in China.

Returning from Europe, well known international young beautician Fay Shabani, from Persia, extended family in the U.S., made the St.Regis her first stop. "I was thinking about her and coming to see her tonight. I flew into Atlanta from London where she lived for years to be here," she said, looking at Bryan Rusty Newport, her Irish boyfriend. The pretty Fay is a ten. I expect the women of Georgia to protest any future relations with Persia. They will not want more of her beauty around Buckhead.

Radio Hostess Steph Palermo of LOVE-860 wouldn't miss being here and enjoying her friend Deborah as she sings. She is talking to a state senator from Georgia. She is trying out his Cuba. They talk about Cuba. I talk about Cuba. They wanted to go and visit Cuba. A pretty young thing joins the conversation. She was sent by her dad to study in Florida from Columbia. She is happy to be with her boyfriend of two months who is twice her height. They are in love. She belongs to a wealthy family. She cannot return home because of safety.

I spot two more state senators. One is running for re-election. They come to the St. Regis every Thursday. I see no wives around, only girfriends, maybe pretty staff.  I cannot mention their names.  I want go to their senate events. They give good parties.

▲ Her passionate songs were echoing in my head all the way home. Bravooooooo Deborah Bowman.


Many of the very beautiful and very  powerful in Buckhead, Sandy Springs and Dunwoody came to enjoy her.  I recognize many faces I know. Marketing and political consultant Stacey Knerler, Investor Ivone Montichelli  and Fabrics King Ron Cohen, bringing along his friends Terry and Megan were on hand to greet her.

Pretty Ivone Montichelli was celebrating her 38th birthday. She wanted it to be a night to remember with Deborah Bowman at The St. Regis Hotel in Buckhead. She is hot. Knerler is known for helping young political newcomers. 

Deb Bowman is a multi-talented young dynamo who has been thrilling people of all ages in Georgia with her appealing song styles and unmatched acting skills. Many are after her, i was told by her friends.

I noticed Bryan Rusty Newport. He goes by "Rusty". This is the second time I see him this month. Rusty is an entertainment and events promoter. The 42 year old is single, never married and enjoying having Fay Shabani for a girlfriend. "we are close,"  she said.

From a distance, I watched Rusty whispering in Deb's ear. I cannot tell. She was too busy to tell me. Was he hitting on her? or trying to get her to sign up with his company or planned events? His friends tell me he is expanding into New York City. Rusty wants to lockup every act in the southeast into a contract. Now I got two kings tonight. King of fabrics and the king of events both are enjoying Bowman as she does Buckhead tonight.



▲ International beautician and  Model Fay Shabani made the St.Regis her first stop, She is single, "from Persia." she said  She grew up in the U.S. Had her education in England. " Rusty is my boyfriend. I am his girlfriend. We are in love" she told Georgia Weekly Post whilesipping on a glass of red wine at the Tarrace.



Deborah began playing piano and singing in the gospel church from an early age. With a BA focus on classical Theater and Dance from University of Alabama, next door to Georgia, she moved to New York City in 1999 and began her extensive professional career in Entertainment.

Bowman has performed worldwide in TV, Film, Theater and World Cruises.

Stage Credits include Chicago, Cabaret, Oliver 1st National Tour, Book Club Play, Evita, & Sweeney Todd and A Streetcar Named Desire opposite Matt Davis.

TV/ Film Credits include: Ugly Betty Season IV, Being Mary Jane, Its Complicated, The Switch, Wall Street - Part Two, and several National Commercials.

Ms. Bowman has worked alongside actors such as Meryl Streep, Steve Martin, Gabrielle Union, Shia LaBeouf, James Franco, & Vanessa Williams.


She won the 2014 RICE Award (Rising In Community Excellence) for Entertainment. Bowman’s solo album “Addicted to Love Songs”,  made the 54th Grammy Ballot in 4 categories including Best Jazz Vocals & Best New Artist. Whether belting out Broadway and big band ballads or softly seducing you with sultry standards, Deborah Bowman always delivers memorable musical moments that keep people coming back for more. “Deborah Bowman is an incomparable must-see performer,” I say.

▲ Fabrics King Ron Cohen, bringing along his friends Terry and Megan who were on hand to greet Deb Bowman. His father is 89. He still runs the company bringing fabrics from England, Italy and Irland.


Bowman has been embraced as one of Atlanta’s finest entertainers performing weekly in the Atlanta market and nationwide with her Sultry Jazz Shows, Shaken Not Stirred: The Music of James Bond, and American Songbook shows.

Tonight, the ever so beautiful Deborah Bowman is doing it to Buckhead.

Looking around those rooms and the terrace, all, including this reporter, came out, dressed up to see her singing.

I had to leave before midnight.  I hated to go.

Her passionate songs were echoing in my head all the way home. Bravooooo Deborah Bowman.



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