posted : Jan 24, 2017

Donald John Trump is now the 45th president of the United States of America. A weekend centred around the Washington's Mall, of celebrations and angry demonstrations.

As the City of Washington DC prepared overwhelming kind of security, as if was ready for an invasion, facing a Mall packed of love fest and supporters, the new President took the oath of office on a rainy day.

 Notes By The News staff of Georgia Weekly Post @ Washington DC.


Donald John Trump was sworn on Friday, January 20, 2017  as the 45th president of the United States, after which he delivered an ambitious speech promising to throw out entrenched Washington elites, end “American carnage” in cities and restore jobs lost to shuttered factories.

“Today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from Washington, D.C., and giving it back to you, the people,” Trump said. 




He spoke on a  rainy day that featured less ceremony than usual, and crowds that seemed to be smaller than the ones that attended President Barack Obama’s inaugurations in 2009 on a sunny day. Trump’s parade rolled down Pennsylvania Avenue, passing crowds prevented by rain that often stood just two people deep. Elsewhere in downtown Washington, columns of protesters marched with anti-Trump signs, and small groups of black-clad anarchists clashed with police and set fire to trash cans and a limousine and damgaed store fronts..

In his speech, Trump seemed to promise not just the obvious transition from Obama’s Democratic administration to full Republican control of Washington — but to a new style of politics, in which Trump will seek to be a new kind of independent power center.

Trump, 70, was administered the oath by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr., using two Bibles — one from President Lincoln’s inauguration, and another that Trump’s mother gave him in 1955. His wife Melania Trump stood at his side.




 Georgia Weekly Post was there for a full week.

Over 36,000,000 watched it on TV all over the world.

He did it. After two years of  plane flights on Trump One, crossing the 50 states and reachining out to over 65,000,000 voters, Donald John Trump is now the 45th president of the United States of America.

Like him or hate him, he is the president for four years and maybe eight. They all came to see him.

Part one, on Friday.  It was a tense time for Washington DC. They came to the city, by cars, trains, bikes, planes to support  him on the 20th of january, 2017. They packed the  Washington Mall on Friday. It was a full house.

Part two, many  - most were locals - came to protest on the 21st. of january, 2017. This is a subject for another report by Georgia Weekly Post 

Those who supported Donald Trump spoke to Georgia weekly post. They told this reporters that they were scared  - according to many  who spoke to Georgia Weekly Post. - to leave their hotel rooms. They came with their children, mothers, grand mothers and  wanted no harm.  Many kept a distance from the Mall.  

They noticed  those many posters  - below -  placed all over town promising confrontaions on inauguration day, starting at 7:00 AM.  Georgia Weekly Post's reproter observed tea-shirts readibg Black Lives Matter at several locations around the mall and the train station. 




On the 21st. protesters - well organized, and bused form many states -  took on the Mall - walking in circles in angry tones and  showing signs - many in unspeakable language. Black Lives Matter and Maddona were featured among signs of " Pussy power".  



Trump International Hotel became the magnet for those supporters and protesters after making the first rounds around the mall and the White House. The hotel was on "locked down" according to staff. This reporter was unable to gain access to the hotel to have lunch  or to have meeings with friends until Sunday.

The visit  to the new hotel - The Old Post Office Building - is a subject to another report by Georgia Weekly Post including and encounter with Gabriel Constantin, the Hotel manager and a review of the services and food. 


The City of Washington DC was safe and  well secured. Police and National Guard were out in full force and facing off those few of angry portesters. Dozens were arrested and will be facing long time in jail. The media outnumbered the protesters at each site. Tear gas was used at two locations. 

On Friday, It was raining most fo the day, during the inugrations, including the swearing in and  the parade.

Many people of all ages were filling the  Washington Mall as the hour of swearing in reached noon.

Around 11;30, this reporter  observed a mall  full  of people - many in red hats and waiving flags -  as far as the eye can see. many took shelter under the trees and plastic sheets. 





Businessman and television star Donald John Trump has been inaugurated president of the United States of America, capping an extraordinary underdog run for a man with no previous political or public service experience who now occupies the highest office in most powerful country in the world.

There was many balls around the city. It was a big huge party. The city was dressed up in flags, signs of welcome, red hats and blue uniforms. Mnay office buildings kept their offices' light on duirng the week end including the federal buildings.


Yes there was fire fire works during the out doors celebrations, prayers for Donald Trump in every house of worshipping, sold out seats at resturants and hotel rooms. a Bash in every hotel. You will notice many men and women walkig the side walks toward a hotel lobby or a site of  one of many balls celebrating the new president.  Taxi drivers welcomed the republicans. sayinf nice things about them.. They say that they are bigger spenders, tippers and better party animals, according to many  Taxi-drivers who gave this reporter rides around town. 


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