posted : Mar 30, 2017


 By Jeanette Smith from Dunwoody, Georgia


a crowded field of Candidates. Bob Gray is a one among 18 including Republicans, Democrats and independent candidates. All are running a for Tom Price congressional seat in district six. Georgia Weekly post published several reports related to the race, including all candidates.


As soon as Tom Price resigned his seat in Congress, the ads began and the field grew larger and larger as candidate after candidate qualified.   In no time, they were joining up faster than their names could be memorized.    We now have a field of 18…yes, 18!   How is one supposed to make a determination as to who is best to represent the 6th District of Georgia?


Before you decide, research every candidate…even the opposition party.  I found that we had a pretty good group of people running…there was not a single “Ten Most Wanted” among them.  About the time I realized I needed more information, flyers began to appear in mailboxes, ads were on TV and the internet, and yard signs were popping up faster than the tulips in Atlanta’s early spring. 


It took some doing, but I began to zoom in on one candidate as my choice…BOB GRAY.

BOB GRAY impressed me as the one who wanted to bring about less government, and work with the current administration.   He also pointed out the need to strengthen our economy!  It is obvious this is going to take someone with solid business experience…not someone who has been with government in some fashion all of their lives.    
Too many of the candidates reminded us that they will fight against the current administration and I asked myself…”what have we got to gain by continuing the destructive style of politics that brings about so much division?”   The future of our country depends on all of us working together.   

This election is not about any Party.  It is not about you.   It is not about me.   It is not about the President!   This election is about sending a Representative to Washington to work across the aisle to get things turned around for the good of our future.  

The 6th District is by far one of the most fortunate districts in the State…maybe in the country.  While this is very good, it also makes us somewhat removed from the problems that have robbed many of their futures.   We have to get that back.  The candidate that understands how to get the job done is BOB GRAY!

No matter what adversity we have been through lately, America is the best country in the world and I am willing to vote for the person who has vowed to work with the current administration not only to protect our rights, but to defend our country!  And very importantly, he is for getting the lobbyists out of our government.  That person is BOB GRAY!
Makes sure you vote, and when you do, make sure your decision is solidly based on experience outside the realm of government or Party loyalty…we have enough lifetime politicians running things now!  VOTE FOR BOB GRAY!


Jeanette Smith

Dunwoody, GA




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