posted : Nov 04, 2016

Former candidate Paul Maner vs. Political Consultant Johnny Barrett

 From: Paul D. Maner, former Candidate for Georgia State Senate.


WARNING: Before anyone decides to hire Johnny Barrett aka Insight Political Group as a campaign consultant, please call me for a reference.

It’s my opinion Mr. Barrett doesn’t perform his job duties as outlined in his unilateral contract.



He promises to raise funds from the GAGOP, and in my case, he promised almost $100,000 and to hire a high powered (his words, not mine) fund raiser, with a list of large donors to raise funds for your campaign, for a huge fee, and doesn’t deliver on that promise. His contract promises to hire competent campaign managers to schedule events, and keep a calendar full for candidates to speak and get their message out.



The first person Mr. Barrett identified and recommended as a campaign manager was later discovered to have had 4 DUI convictions.  in my opinion, the biggest problem with the contract that Mr. Barrett uses to sign up candidates is the  provision that states the candidate doesn’t have any input as to who is hired to work on the campaign, and when if a campaign staffer is let go, even though the campaign manager has a separate contract the candidate is expected to pay for the service. It was advised to me by a friend to make sure any media services, i.e. Website, Facebook, twitter, or any other social media products was in my complete control with login usernames, and passwords.


I made this VERY clear with Mr. Barrett, and his media contractor in the very beginning, and they both agreed to provide that to me. In the end, I was never given this information, and was told to mind my own business, and that he (Mr. Barrett) had everything under control. This created a host of problems, including the fact while I was out of country doing mission work with my Church, they copied/pasted information about me on the website that was not authorized, and included information from my employer that exposed me to possible regulatory sanctions for violations of government regulations. 


When I discovered what Mr. Barrett had done, I immediately told him to have the information deleted from the website. I could not do it myself since I was not provided the log in information for the website, even though I had to pay in FULL the cost of the website, and had a contract with the media “expert” recommended by Mr. Barret.  It took over 3 weeks to remove the unauthorized bio from the website. 

It shouldn’t take 3 weeks, and in my opinion, it shouldn’t take a month to replace it with one provided by my employer’s compliance department. 


I still don't have access to this website, and I am still being charged for a website that was never useful to me or my campaign.  Mr. Barrett never raised the funds he promised he would, and when he approached me about hiring him to advise me on my political campaign, he also stated that I would not have to pay him if I didn't win the primary. He makes big promises, but doesn't deliver.


I have spoken to several other former clients of Mr. Barrett who all report having a similar experience. 

He signed them up and began incurring expenses without prior approval, doesn't raise the funds he said he could, and brought in campaign managers and workers who were inexperienced or who also did not perform the job they were hired to do. 

One former client told me he was charged over $100,000 by Mr. Barrett on a failed campaign.  Before hiring Mr. Barrett, ask him what successful campaigns he has worked on, and get a list of all of his prior victims.  It will open your eyes as mine have been.



Editores Note: The obove are the opinions of Mr. Paul Maner. we invited Mr. Johnny Barrett to respond.



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