posted : Jan 02, 2016

I am Trump supporter. If you love this country, think wisely and vote for Donald Trump.

 From: Ching Yan Wong



▲ Donald Trump

If you love this country, think wisely and vote for Donald Trump. If you still think this country is a great country, think twice. The rise of China and Mexico has proven we are one of the weakest nations. This country has been treated unfairly by the other country’s world leaders. Let's not forget the Iran deal. It is so unfair to our country that we are obliged to protect Iran if it goes to war with Israel, and they also walk away with 150 billion dollars.

Our politicians are either incompetent or intentionally running this country down the drain. We have trade deals with China, Mexico and Japan but yet we still owe China 250 billion dollars a year, 90 billion dollars to Japan, and 50 billion dollars to Mexico. Not to mention our skyrocketing deficit of 19 trillion dollars. When this number keeps going up to 25 trillion dollars, there will be no turning back. This is a time when we cannot vote for any politicians who are controlled by the donors, lobbyists and super PACs. They all talk a good game but they are all talk and no action. When Trump is President, he is the only candidate who will: 


1. End illegal immigration. We spend billions of dollars every year to support the illegals and their babies. Like Trump said, "Good walls make good neighbors. America is a country. We are not a country without a border. It's time for some respect. Jobs are for Americans first. We want people to come here but we want them to do it legally”. 


2. Take care of our vets. Trump loves our vets and he has helped an American soldier in the past to restart his life when Obama did not. He has a policy of VA reforms that can be found on his campaign website. 


3. Repeal Obamacare and replace it with something better. Obamacare is a disaster. The only ones who benefit from Obamacare are the insurance companies who make a fortune from it. Trump will allow competitions among the insurance companies so that people will get more affordable plans. The deductible is now so high that it is impossible to meet it. He will not end Medicare. 


4. Appoint very smart people who can negotiate for us against China, Japan and Mexico. According to him, even if we can break even, it is already a very good deal for us. 


5. He believes that a very strong military is essential because “we can only acquire through strength". We also have protected many countries while we spent trillions of dollars but we got nothing in return. That will end too.


6. Protect Second Amendment, where law abiding citizens are not punished because of the unlawful actions of others.


7. Lower taxes for the middle classes dramatically while raising them on hedge fund managers. His tax plan can be found on his website.


8. He will lower corporate taxes to stimulate the economic growth in this country. Our companies are leaving US to other countries because we have a very high corporate tax.  He wants to bring back our manufacturers into this country. Additionally, repatriate monies from US corporations that is stuck overseas due to excessive regulations and high taxes 


9. End super PACs. He has rightfully said PACs are a scam, and it is bad for this country's political process. Politicians cannot do their job because they are influenced by the lobbyists and donors whose money speaks louder than the voice of constituents. Politicians have become puppets.


10. Support law enforcements to do their jobs. 


11. Trump is against TPP while most other candidates support TPP!!! 


12. He will defeat ISIS and put our national security the first priority. He will deport the Syrian refugees because it could be the worst Trojan horse in history. He believes we should create a safe zone for the Syrian refugees instead of accepting them here and anywhere in the world to prevent ISIS infiltration. Look what happened in Paris! Trump is self-funding his campaign, he is a patriot who loves his country. He is running so that WE THE PEOPLE can make this country great again. Most important thing of all, Trump gets things done!!




I am voting for Trump and if you want to know who are the people behind Trump, we belong to the silent majority.  This is the people's movement.









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