• SEX in the State Senate of Georgia. Surprise !.
  • The democratic promises.. The most important midterm elections in American history ..   If Democrats win control of Congress. The view of the Democrats.
  • Warming the climate, ignoring the facts , The Environmental  Views from New York.
  • Political Storms and Hurricanes of Puerto Rico !
  • A Gold Star Mother Writes about the Forgotten Men and Women.
  • Leaking lovers and an FBI smear job of Carter Page? The Russian Concussion !
  • Bruce Ohr's efforts to secretly reshape the Trump probe started earlier in summer '16
  • Judge Kavanaugh has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt that has an intentional, extraordinary record of helping women.
  • S.O.S. My personal  experiences. I am one among many millions, around the world.
  • Mueller indictments still miss the mark on Trump-Russia collusion.. The special counsel has found no knowing coordination or collusion between these hackers and Trump officials.
  • Where Were All the FISA Critics When We Really Needed Them?
  • Journalism is Dead. This week we saw a perfect example of how corrupt journalism has become. !

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