posted : Dec 29, 2015

I will be voting for Hillary Clinton if she is the nominee.

 From: Josephina Betz.


Your editorial included a laundry list of complaints about the Clintons, many of which may or may not be true.




I will be voting for Hillary Clinton if she is the nominee.




The reasons I will be voting for her is that she is not going to try to roll back the Affordable Care Act (which everybody in the GOP seems to want to do), and she is not going to run interference on marriage equality, as some GOP contenders have pledged to do.




Why would any self-respecting woman vote for Donald "a woman's place in the boardroom is on her knees," Trump???




I think Hillary is a much wiser choice for President than many of the imprudent, foolhardy, and mean-spirited republicans who have thrown their hats into the ring.




The biggest reason I am voting for Hillary is that if she is given the opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court Justice, she probably will appoint a liberal minded judge. Four of the five Supreme Court Justices who voted for marriage equality were appointed by democrats. 




As many people know, the only real positive changes that happen in this country are the result of decisions that happen in courtrooms.




Some of the GOP hopefuls have promised that if they are elected they will try to pack the Supreme Court with judges who are hostile to gender-variant people.




For a transgender person like me, that is very frightening.


Josephina Betz






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