posted : Jul 03, 2015


I miss the times when everyone was interested in talking to me and puffing my ego. What a letdown. It took a couple of years to let it go.

     By: Jim Redovian, Writer with Georgia Weekly Post



 Why do the incumbents fight term limits like it is the plague? 

Government was intended by our 

Founding Fathers to be run by civil servants whose goal was to keep our Union, our States, and our

Cities as places that we the people would be the power behind the government and not the minions of bureaucrats currently have running our nation. 

Public Service has become a career, with high income, perks and lifetime protection.  We have worked ourselves into a system where incumbents control their pay and health coverage and retirement at their will. They will never on their owe give up the special treatment, health insurance, special bank privileges and civil considerations and other gilts they enjoy that are too good to extend  to the people that actually pay for them.

The power gained from being an elected official becomes an addiction, and the average politician will do anything and everything to stay in office to feed their needs. Keeping their position becomes more and more costly. Each election cycle means more fund raising, and people pleasing.

You can tell me that campaign funds can come with no strings, but history has shown that to be a scam. No one sends money to a campaign of any substance who does not want something. It’s funny after the second or third term the need for the donor has subsided put the power of the position continues to grow almost to desperation to keep it. It’s not about money to fill their pockets, it’s about the need to fill their ego.

You say Jim, what makes you say that. It’s because I have been there. As an elected member of the DeKalb School Board, after one four year term and losing my bid for another term I was amazed how much I missed not being connected as a person, I miss the times when everyone was interested in talking to me and puffing my ego. What a letdown.  It took a couple of years to let it go. I was treated with much more respect than I deserved for four years. Six years later my ego still misses the attention.

I can’t imagine what the feeling is like to walk up the steps to the State or US Capital and know that you are part of those that are members.

What I am getting at is that anyone with normal emotions in today’s world would be willing to do almost anything to stay in offices, and deeds done in the process catches up with them, they get sick, or they die.

The longer they stay on the more powerful they become, the need for power drives them to get re-elected and the more they get re-elected the more disconnected from the people they serve they get. 

We as voters cannot fix this process, but we can insist on Term Limits, to guarantee movement among or elected officials it would be much more difficult and actually unprofitable for special interests to buy special favors, and would open the door for new blood and ideas.

Our elected officials could return to the idea of civil servant, and reject the idea of professional Politian. Leaders would become the leaders, instead of those with longevity. 




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