posted : Oct 16, 2017

“ Washington D.C is Hollywood for ugly people.”


By: Dana Sabot Robinson for Georgia Weekly Post  

Picture it…..a trailer for an upcoming Hollywood movie which is full of twists, turns, intimidation, cover-ups, sexual assaults and harassment all being done by a wealthy, powerful Hollywood executive.

A man who had his reign of terror for years. A man in which contributed and raised millions of dollars (according to American Rising PAC) in excess of 99,032,32 to the DNC, 21,000 to the DCCC along with contributions to the Clinton Foundation.


A man who as said by former First Lady Michelle Obama in 2013, “ He (Harvey Weinstein) is a good friend and a wonderful human being.” The same man who gave Malia Obama an internship at his company when she was 18. The only problem is that this is not a fictional movie; this is a nonfiction, true account of the life of Harvey Weinstein.


 There is a joke that says that “ Washington D.C is Hollywood for ugly people.” It appears as though “Hollywood is also for ugly people.” Ugly not only in the reality that Weinstein has that  typical pervert-type vibe. The older, heavy set, cocky, executive who thinks he is above the law but the ugliness in the repulsive behavior and actions of this man.


A man who more then likely has more women then the 13 who came forward about his actions from between 1990’s and 2015. Many women who were either paid off or too afraid of destroying their career if they spoke up about his sexual harassment and assaults. Actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow who were nicknamed the “Harvey Girls”, that were fearful of speaking up about his advances because they believed he could and would destroy their careers. Not only did she keep silent but for the sake of her career; she continued to work with him. 


 Silence is as bad as the crime itself. If you have knowledge or believe that there is abuse of women yet you do not speak out then you too are part of the problem! Think how many young women would not have had to endure this abuse if Gwyneth had done the right thing. Then let us move on to the mainstream media who knew about this for years…NBC, New York Times amongst who knows how many more. Silence is complicity. 


 Hollywood…. These are the individuals who have spoken up about their hate and showed nothing but contempt over then nominee and now President Donald J. Trump. Flash back to a year ago when a leaked, private conversation emerged in which Trump uttered a locker room type comment and the main stream media and Hollywood figures were all over it.




They came out with their so called women’s rights and attacked him and his family over a mere comment. Perfect example of the one-sidedness of this is that on Thursday, October 7 this Weinstein News was leaked yet the very next day, Friday October 8, a so called “woman’s advocacy group” decided to play the video of Trump making the lewd comments for 12 hours straight on a large screen tv in the National Mall in D.C ( Hollywoodreporter.com) Explain to me how this makes any sense? Where are all these so called women’s groups and the loud mouths in Hollywood and in the DC swamp speaking up about actual harassment and abuse by their golden boy Harvey Weinstein? 


 We have a real story here and yet crickets…. For months all we heard about was Russian collusion and Russian conspiracies. All of which was not based on any facts yet the main stream media along with of course Hollywood were running with the garbage and making a story where there wasn’t one. Yet they had information and proof of this assault on women and they did nothing.


It is the sleezy reality of our society in which those in power and who have money can pay off lawyers, silence victims, spread millions of dollars in coverups and threaten anyone who attempts to bring their crimes to light. Had Hillary Clinton been elected President as Weinstein was hoping, this story would have never come out and disappeared quicker then the 33,000 deleted emails. Speaking of Weinstein’s good friend Hillary Clinton….it took her 5 days to release a statement and made no note of returning contributions from Weinstein. But, “ what difference does it make.” Oh the Clintons and Obama’s who seem to be surrounded by criminals such as Weiner and Weinstein. But then you also have Bill Clinton who is just like them…The Democratic Party coins themselves as champions of women yet I’m still waiting for them to actually set an example and do the right thing when it comes to women’s rights.


 Where are these Women’s Marches and protests with the ladies in vagina costumes and hats showing their anger and disgust towards these acts? Do they only do that when the accused is not a Democrat? Where are people such as Whoopi Goldberg, Alyssa Milano, Lena Durham and the rest of the Hollywood scene coming out and speaking about this? They are too busy mocking our President and spewing hate and lies. They are the problem and it’s clearer to see everyday and especially after incidents such as this. They would rather make up ridiculous stories, pick on Barron Trump, mock Melania’s shoes then to actually address real stories and real issues.





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