posted : Nov 16, 2017

sexual impropriety and misconduct of Senator Al Franken and the sexual molestation of a minor and other sexual impropriety accusations against Roy Moore


 By: Zelda Stowers, Atlanta, Georgia

       for Georgia Weekly Post.



 In light of the facts recently revealed regarding sexual impropriety and misconduct of Senator Al Franken and the sexual molestation of a minor and other sexual impropriety accusations against Roy Moore, I feel we must take a bipartisan stance. I think we should on many other issues.

When it comes to these recent sexual misconduct and assault charges and accusations, they seem to be at an all-time high.


  However, this is not a new problem.  Nothing about this is new, whether in the workplace, in schools, in homes or in the political arena. It is commonplace.

The difference as opposed to the Weinstein and Bill O'Reilly cases most immediately are sponsorship issues. More of the dirt then starts coming to the surface with more accusations, and even more women victims then begin speaking out emboldened by the courage of others. Suddenly previously unreported $32 Million payoffs come to light that were made to cover up the ilk, and in some cases heads start to roll. 


But now we have these horrendous accusations against Roy Moore, of what he did to a 14 year old girl. We know there are others who experienced similar experiences to back up her claims.

He was in his thirties, and was working as an ADA/ DA, when he did this. He even went as far as signing her high school yearbook. It was an “open secret”. He reportedly was banned from his local mall for perving on young girls.


His reported conduct at the time shows a template.  A template of the age of the underage girls Roy Moore pursued while he was in his thirties. But, of course, any girl he dated was with the consent of their mothers, 

If they weren’t underage, why would he need to ask permission? 


This is the same Roy Moore who likes to condemn homosexuality and abortion, while piously promising to keep prayers in schools and gun rights protected. Then in a very recent speech only 2 days ago showed yet again his vocal and open racism by stating that guaranteeing voting rights for minorities back in 1965 has created “problems”.


 He is vigilantly against gun law reform, no matter how many mass shooting we suffer. He uses his "Evangelical Christianity" as a weapon. Irrational support for this man has sunk so far that we now have witnessed an evangelical minister likening the claim of pedophilia against Roy Moore as to being akin to “Mary and Joseph”. Mary was a virgin, and what a strange and despicable reaction to what’s been alleged.


All in the attempt to make it somehow ok for those who desperately wish to attempt to ignore the allegations.

Those on the right who continue to put tribe over country will continue to do so as long as Moore’s still anti- abortion, pro-gun, pro (Christian) prayer in schools, and anti-gay rights. All so they can somehow dispel their guilt and go ahead and knowingly vote an alleged pedophile into the Senate. 


This is troubling to us all regardless of political party or affiliation.


As to Senator Franken. Yes, by all means I and many others find what he did highly offensive. Yes, I am definitely on the side of the accuser. It takes courage to come forward.  It is never an easy thing to do. I will say the same thing to those of other political beliefs we now heard condemning her.


I am shocked and appalled by this. Sadly it was predominantly women tearing another woman down for speaking out about sexual misconduct. I condemn this regardless of any and all political affiliation. It's is abhorrent behavior and only goes to make the testimony of others invalid. And it was all to easy for them to achieve their goal of setting women against women. 


It’s nothing but a well proven way to hold us back, and it’s one of our own making, Instead, we should be  standing together as women against this.


As to why it seems this type of behavior doesn't get reported in real time or more often than now, we have only to look no further than how those who accused are treated. They are treated without respect all over again.


They are made to feel at fault even, as if they were asking for it, or wanted to be assaulted. They are called the labels “whore”, “slut”, “bitch” and “liar”. Some even threatened into hiding as was the case with the Trump accusers. 

We have to look no further than our president to see why this behavior seems to be made ok. 


Do I feel Al Franken should resign?  No. I felt his second apology was thoughtful & heartfelt. I think he is truly ashamed of his behaviors and inviting ethics review. The most important reason I say no however is his accuser has also accepted his apology and on national TV.


 Do I think if this had come out prior to him being elected should he have stepped down? 

 Yes, I do. 


We need to draw a line in the sand somewhere, and say “No More”! 


As in regards to Roy Moore, the charge is the sexual assault of a minor. Why should I have to say any more? To have those who would say this is “fake news” and simply ignore the accusations is irrationally partisan and morally bankrupt. Look at the evidence! It shows a pattern of guilt, just as it did with our current president. None of this should be a partisan issue! This is an issue of sexual assault and misconduct. An issue that needs to be met head on with a resounding “No!”.


No, we will not stand for this type of behavior any longer, and no we will no longer sweep it under the rug or merely pay money to keep it quiet! Quit making it a partisan issue and make it an issue about sexual assault whether it is male or female.  It is an epidemic that needs to be exterminated. It certainly should not be made out to be of little to no consequence. Our values must change. The way we look at sexual assault must change. The blinders need to be removed. These are my thoughts.







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