posted : Nov 06, 2018

In Georgia. the Morning After. a democratic reaction to a late night.

 By: Helen Kim Ho

       art by  Yohey Horishita.

       Photo By Georgia Weekly Post.



  Woke up early this morning to continue watching the #midterms2018results especially for my local races. One clear light of hope — my section in southern Gwinnett County is definitely shifting blue, with a major win for Sally Harrell who beat incumbent and senior legislator Fran Millar for state Senate District 40, and Beth Moore beating GOP incumbent Scott Hilton.

Now I’ll be represented by women Democrats at the state legislature! Also pleased that Democrat and Asian American Ben Ku won our Gwinnett County Commission seat, I believe the first democrat to serve in our county commission and first POC! Sadly my US House Rep Rob Woodall narrowly beat Carolyn Bourdeaux (51% to 49%), but I am very hopeful that we will flip that seat in due time. 


The harder race is our one for Governor, it’s not looking good for Stacey but miracles can happen. And I say miracles intentionally, because it will take miracles to undo the 8 years of voter suppression practices that I personally witnessed disenfranchising tens of thousands of eligible voters.


Also miracles to undo the malfunctioning machines, poll manager incompetency, unnecessary long lines that surely disenfranchised many that would have voted Abrams yesterday. And still more miracles to upend our legacy of racism that infuses nearly every institution we hold dear including our system of voting especially in the Deep South. Let’s face it, if Stacey wasn’t such a magnetic candidate that drew national media and massive national resources to watch the GA elections, she would’ve lost and regular folks would’ve had no clue how and why that came about, it would’ve been the same old same old as I witnessed in the past.


I hope the silver lining isn’t that her race helped expose the systemic problems of our voter registration and election process, or that her race helped push forward down ballot democrats, but that she WINS. And this is a beautiful piece of artwork by my friend @yoheyhorishita, thank you! #keepthefaith#hopingformiracles #georgiademocrats #gapol #staceyabrams#systemicracism


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