posted : Oct 16, 2018

Why I Will Vote Republican? The Republican party of today mirrors many of my firmly held beliefs in traditional American values.

 By Paul Oddo for Georgia Weekly Post.


  A close friend asked me why I vote Republican. Well, partly it's my upbringing. My father was a Republican who campaigned for Wendell Willkie in New York in 1940. Me? I became interested in politics at a very early age during the Nixon-Kennedy race of 1960. I won't say I was an expert on political events at that age, but again, as my parents were Republican, so was I. And I think that is true of many today. How the parents go, so go the children. 

Perhaps 50 years ago the divide in the country was not so great and, as one candidate for president said back then, there was not ten cents worth of difference between the Republicans and Democrats. Today? To me the difference seems closer to a dollar.

I believe in the old adage that the government that governs best governs least. Government should be a referee, not a player. I believe in letting individuals create and develop ideas to fruition to make for a strong economy and low unemployment in which all can benefit. We hear the cry today for diversity. Well, this diversity of ideas is truly one which benefits all. And Republicans, generally, find favor with that position. 


The Republican party of today mirrors many of my firmly held beliefs in traditional American values. Core values of freedom to worship and recognize God in our daily lives. The freedom to come or go, buy or sell, worship or not, as one chooses. The freedom to acknowledge our respect for all life. And with freedom comes the responsibility to respect life, for new life is critical to the survival of the civilized society. The Republican platform does not endorse the payment for abortions with taxpayer funds. 


Republicans, on the whole, support the family because they recognize and acknowledge that the family is the foundation of our society. Of any society. And the family, mother, father and children, are the only way to ensure the continuation of our society; of our country. I feel comfortable in the Republican Party because most support my contention that men should know that it is their responsibility to treat women with respect. And women know it is their responsibility to act in a manner as to demand that respect. 


Other important issues to me include the philosophy of a strong military and the necessity for a stable and defended border; immigration with the goal of assimilation into American society; the necessity for low taxes and a strong economy; the support of law enforcement as they defend us against violent crime; a viable healthcare system at a reasonable cost; and education focusing on reading, writing and arithmetic without novelties. 


This November, it is essential that we all exercise our responsibility to vote. I invite all Georgians to please join me in voting Republican. They will be helping to keep the economy healthy, our military strong and our cities safe. Let us  take your destiny in our own hands. Vote Republican. Ourchildren and grandchildren will thank us.



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