posted : Oct 10, 2018

Why Should Georgians vote Republican in the 2018 Midterms? an opinion of a political consultant

By Traci Amiri for Georgia Weekly Post


  In this election cycle all of Georgia's executive officers are up for election as well as Georgia's fourteen seats in the United States House of Representatives .

Along with the Governor's seat up for grabs there are other seats to fill as well. These include 
Lt. Governor
Secretary of State
Attorney General  
 Commissioner of Agriculture
Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner 
Commissioner of Labor
Public Service Commission 

State Superintendent of Schools

While the Governor's race garners most of the attention all of these seats are important.

So with all these seats to fill why should Georgians go to the polls and vote for the Republicans ?  

We are in an economic boom the stock market 
is at an all time high and  taxes are lower and  wages are higher in many sectors. Businesses
 are enjoying the ease of burdensome 
regulations. This is what leadership produces. Republican leadership to be exact.

Georgia is now the number one filming location in the world.  Companies are opening and expanding businesses in the state at a record pace. 
To ensure the continued growth and prosperity  Georgians must vote to keep
the Republican majority. 
The Democrats have clearly demonstrated their  resistance 
to  Republican leadership  from the President down. Their  agenda for the nation 
is quite simply anything that goes against the Republican agenda and the prosperity 
of the American people.
The most recent Supreme court nominee is the clearest example of their refusal
to cooperate with the Republican leadership. Imagine the havoc they would wreak 
if in control of  Governor's seat  The State Assembly and the U.S. House and Senate.

Early voting begins October 15 - November 2
voter registration ends on October 9
Election day is November 6

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