posted : Sep 18, 2018

SEX in the State Senate of Georgia. Surprise !.

By an


The Writer, very known to Georgia Weekly Post  is Anonymous


As an employee with extended years of service in the Georgia Capitol Building, I can relate many, many experiences of sexual harassment, (all it so happens by Democrats) but for now one in particular stands out.


 I met  State Senator Culver Kidd, (a name any democrat worth his salt will recognize as one of the more powerful democrats in Georgia history) one day (shortly after I was hired in a legislative capacity) in his office where I was sent to inquire as to the status of a legislative Bill.


He  - Culver Kidd -  sat imperiously behind his desk and in his company were two other legislators- As I entered, he gave me the "once over"- up and down and all around, as did the other men.  His first words to me, in that heavy southern accent of his, were: "Well, well, well, you're a mighty pretty lady!"




Embarrassed and uncomfortable, I still responded politely "Thank you", and told him what I needed from him. Ignoring my question, he continued to leer at me and went on to say, "Are you married?" to which I replied "yes" becoming more nervous by the minute, wondering where this was leading and wanting to get out of that situation! He then went on to say, "Well, your husband better put you in a chastity belt because we DO like pretty ladies around here!"  He and the other two men laughed heartily and I wanted to die I was so embarrassed. 


As I finally escaped him, his secretary asked why I was shaking so.  I told her, and she dryly remarked, "Well, you'e just been Culverized", implying that he greeted ALL "pretty ladies" in this degrading way.


 That was one of the first, but by no means the last of too many insulting situations into which I was placed over the many years of my job there.  I was afraid to speak out early on because I needed and wanted my job.





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