• The Washington Post will forgive just about anything, so long as you’re a Democrat!
  • How the toxic impeachment process is hurting long-term national security!
  • Illuminating Antietam. Remembering America's bloodiest war
  • America’s first black billionaire: No current Democratic candidate can beat Trump
  • Due process and impeachment in Washington DC.
  • Bad agricultural trade policies predate Trump!
  • Middle class will pay for Elizabeth Warren's 'Medicare for all' plan one way or the other!
  • Impeachment farce causing crippling congressional chaos !
  • Beholden to Chinese blood money, Steve Kerr compares US gun ownership to state-sponsored genocide
  • If Democrats impeach Trump, a GOP House would probably impeach the next Democratic president
  • In Ukraine scandal, Democrats refuse to wait for actual facts.the Dems base their conclusions on allegations from an anonymous whistleblower recounting gossip
  • Transparency on Ukraine, please !

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