• Homage to Fidel Castro in Washington D.C. Features Prominent Media Critics of President Trump
  • Why Roy Moore will win the Senate seat in Alabama.Voters won’t abandon the opportunity for a conservative Republican solely on hearsay.!
  • Trump and Zinke are Right on National Monuments
  • REMINDER; 7 Things Conservatives Can Learn From Donald Trump’s First Year in Office
  • Confronting the culture of sexual harassment
  • Tax Reform, Growth And The Deficit
  • Why Are Muslims Killing Muslims? Egypt Suffers Worst Terror Attack In History
  • Turkey, Stuffing and a Side of Subsidies
  • The Mayflower Compact and the Seeds of American Democracy
  • sexual impropriety and misconduct of Senator Al Franken and the sexual molestation of a minor and other sexual impropriety accusations against Roy Moore
  • Paradise Papers: Names of the rich linked to offshore accounts
  • The political polarization and rhetoric has people fired up and ready to go to battle.  But on a local level, where government actually has a greater impact on their lives, voters sit on their hands an...

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