• The media's Democrat darlings of the midterm elections all failed.The national media can turn Democrats into stars. But it doesn’t win them races.
  • Democrats retake the House, setting up divided government
  • In Georgia. the Morning After. a democratic reaction to a late night.
  • Why Are We All Having So Little Sex?
  • Georgia Weekly Post Endorses ALL Republican candidates for office.
  • Why I Will Vote Republican? The Republican party of today mirrors many of my firmly held beliefs in traditional American values.
  • Why Americans Are Voting Republican vs Democratic Party?
  • The Democrats on the Senate Judicial Committee could learn a valuable lesson from Kavanaugh’s 10 year old daughter!
  • Florida, The key to the White House.Politics is big business in Florida and taken very seriously.
  •  Why Should Georgians vote Republican in the 2018 Midterms? an opinion of a political consultant
  • Politics is big business in Florida and taken very seriously.
  • Karen Handel,  Post a Sixty Million Dollars Congressional  Race !  In Less than a year, She is Fending off a blue Wave in another race !

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