Why I Will Vote Republican? The Republican party of...

By Paul Oddo for Georgia Weekly Post. A close friend asked me why I vote Republican. Well, partly it's my upbringing. My father was a Republican who campaigned for Wendell Willkie in New York in 1940. Me? I became interested in politics at a very early age during the Nixon-Kennedy race of 1960. I won't say I was an expert on political events at that age, but again, as my parents were Republican, so was I. And I think that is true of many today. How the parents go, so go the children. Perhaps 50 years ago the divide in the c...

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    Why Americans Are Voting Republican vs Democratic P...

    By Susan Price, a Staff Writer for Georgia Weekly Post. Americans come in every color, social, economic and belief system. Our Christian-Judeo nation was created by our founding fathers, and our sovereign rights defended throughout the ages by the brave souls who've sacrificed their legacies through safeguarding the rights of our U.S. Constitution. It is under these laws and liberties that allow Americans to elect our countries leaders to work within various offices of government, and let us not forget, the people are the government. These candidates of the Republican & Democratic party are sworn in under oath to serve "We The People", under the Constitution of the United States of America, which is our rule of law. The past few decades have not only politically divided yet redefined the meaning of the Republican and Democratic party's. Republicans affiliate themselves with small government, the middle to upper middle class, entrepreneurs and the small businesses are the back bone of America who grow our economy, while Democratic voters lean towards the socialist group of having their lifestyle bought and paid for by big government including housing, food, healthcare and others, off the backs of hard working Americans ensla...