BY An Author: Scalia ‘fascinated’ by then-candidate...

The author of a new book about Antonin Scalia says the late Supreme Court justice was fascinated by then-candidate Donald Trump’s outspokenness during the 2016 presidential elections. “Justice Scalia thought it was most refreshing to have a candidate who was pretty much unfiltered and utterly frank,” Bryan Garner, a legal dictionary editor, told The Wall Street Journal in an interview published Monday. “[H]e was fascinated by the fact that Trump was so outspoken in an unfiltered way, and therefore w...

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    Clinton campaign deserves a full investigation just...

    When the indictments came down against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his aide, Rick Gates, the headline of a Washington Post article declared, “With money laundering charges against Paul Manafort, Trump’s ‘fake news’ charge is harder to defend.” It did not matter that Manafort’s indictment was entirely removed from any campaign connection and involved financial dealings well before his association with Trump. The desire for an independent and full investigation of Donald Trump is understandable, given the serious allegations of Russian influence. Yet, the same logic does not appear to apply outside of Trumpworld. The same politicians and experts have dismissed efforts to investigate allegations of influence peddling, Russian conspiracies and special deals involving Hillary or Bill Clinton. One such controversy involves the sale of a company, Uranium One, that holds 20 percent of our uranium resources. Last week, the Justice Department secured an 11-count indictment in the Uranium One controversy against Mark Lambert, former head of a Maryland-based transportation company. Uranium One was a Canadian uranium mining company with operations in the United States and other countries. In January 2013 Ros...